For Photographers

As photographers, capturing beautiful moments in time is something we love doing for a living. You started in photography for that kind of reason . . . and love it . . . but lately, you've been feeling a bit burnt out.

You're not really sure how to balance your family and your clients anymore.

Worse yet, things in your business have started to stall. You need to bring in new clients, but you don't know the first thing about marketing. And it doesn't make sense, because some of the other photographers you know, who are less skilled than you, seem to be getting even more clients.

You aren't about to give up, you've built your business this far and you HAVE to make it!

I don't think you should give up either and I'm going to let you in on a little secret that ruins most people's photography businesses . . .

Stop Letting Your Business Run Your Life! 


Hi, I'm Bodacious Betty! I am a photographer, business woman, photography advice columnist, and entrepreneur. I have been shooting professionally since 2009.

From shooting the cover of Pin Up America magazine to being featured in a documentary about the fifties lifestyle, I've been on an interesting ride these past 6 years and my photography business has grown the whole time.

I've worked with so many great models and photographers throughout the years and continue to do so today. I'd love to share the knowledge I have gained from them and help you apply it to growing your business! 

Advice From 5 Years Of Growth In The Trenches!

Let's work together, 1-on-1, and get you over the hurdles that are holding you back in your business. During a Skype call or person email session, I will share with you my insider knowledge of growing a photography business in today's market.

Whether we have our session over Skype or email, by the end of it, you will have a solid foundation for bringing in more business, with a lot less stress. 

We'll Go Over Your Growth Issues In Detail

Before our session, I'll assess your situation and go over your concerns beforehand. This way, during your session, we have maximum time to uncover any obstacles and create an action plan that allows you to start making changes right away. 


Examples of topics we'll go over in your business:

  1. Your Business Plan including your target demographic

  2. Website Usability

  3. SEO

  4. SWOT analysis

  5. Marketing Activities

  6. Sales Tips


Ready To Grow Your Income?

If you need individual training or instruction that is hands-on, and/or would just like to build your portfolio without having to scout for a willing model, who may flake out and not show up, you schedule a private training session with me in the studio.  I'll have a professional model available, and can instruct you on lighting and how to pose your model to get the most flattering shots.  This is a three to four hour session. $999

If you're ready to grow your photography business and client list, schedule a hour long 1-on-1 session with me on Skype by clicking the button below $199:

If your on the shy side or pressed for time to hang out for a hour, click the button below and let's work together over email $100:

Free Consultation!

Still not convinced?  How about a free consultation?  We'll go over your concerns in your business and I'll offer up to three recommendations to help get you started.  Just drop me an email using the form below:

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