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Meet Candice: Pin-Up Model, Fashionista, & Philanthropist


Meet Candice Christian, a local pin up model in Tampa.  Candice is on a mission to inspire and help others. 

1) When did you first start modeling?

Modeling first began for me when I was about 5 years old! A modeling scout thought I would be a perfect addition to the Hungry Howies Pizza Calendar! So my cute little chunky face smiled next to a few pizza boxes in a calendar that hundreds of people probably purchased! After that I didn't get back into modeling until 2012!!! A photographer reached out to me wanting to take sample senior photos of me. After that one shoot I got jobs and work with many other photographers and companies just by them noticing my photos on social media!

2) How do you inspire others?

One thing I try to stress to people the most is self love! In today's cruel world so many people will back stab, lie, and make fun of anyone and anything just to make themselves feel better! It is so important to know how beautiful and precious the life you were given truly is! Everyone has a purpose and a reason for being here and it is important to cherish the moments that you have while you still have the opportunity. You were given this body and life to do great things so why not take any opportunities you get to do those things!

3) Tell me more about your upcoming fashion show.

On February 25th, I am holding a non profit fashion show at the Inkwell Centre at 5pm. The show is going to benefit the scholarship organization my family started shortly after my brother passed away a year and a half ago! The scholarship benefits deserving high school college bound seniors who are majoring or minoring in visual or performing arts! My brother was a performing artist and art fanatic, he was a student at the University of Florida pursuing a degree in education. The show is going to feature more than 10 local designers and boutique owners, 5 unique talent acts, a silent auction, a 50/50 raffle, food, drinks, and fun for the whole family! We have also had meetings with a few media resources in the area that we are really excited to be working with soon as well! Tickets range from $15-$25 presale and can be purchased at . You can also purchase tickets at the door but the prices will go up!

4) You mentioned that you were able to get two full scholarships to some very deserving students through your work. How was that made possible?

My family and I wouldn't have been able to make any of this possible without the constant help of family and friends. The first year we have back a $500 scholarship with the money family and friends had donated to help us with the cost of my brothers funeral. The next week we had a poker run with many of the local bikers and community supporters! It was such a success we were able to give out 2 $1000 scholarships! This year we hope to be able to raise another $1000 to benefit even more aspiring artists!

5) Where can others find you on social media? Instagram: @candi_m_and_ms for bookings