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Katie James: Where Ballet Meets Burlesque

Katie James, producer and performer of Femmes and Follies brought a few of her favorite costumes and opened up to me about what it's like to be a burlesque star.

1)  Where are you from and how did you get started in Burlesque?

Tampa is my home. I was born in Buffalo but definitely meant to be a Florida girl! I literally stumbled into the burlesque scene. Saw a few shows, took a few classes, watched a million videos and gave it a shot. Taking classes is the best way to learn in my opinion. And producers like to see that you are committed to your craft! 

2)  How long have you been at it?

      I have been a ballerina since the day I could walk but burlesque came a little later, I fully immersed myself into the burlesque scene about 5 years ago.

3)  How long does it take to make your own costumes, and where do you normally find inspiration for them?

       Sometimes costumes take days and weeks. Other times when inspiration hits, and you just can't stop working; it can happen overnight. I find inspiration in the most random ways, maybe listening to a song, watching a fashion show, surfing Pinterest, or seeing a beautiful color in nature and wanting to replicate it. Often, inspiration will come from one tiny piece of a costume that you build an entire act around. 

4)  Where can people find you if they want to see you perform?

I travel all over to perform but I produce a show right in Ybor City called "Femmes & Follies" The next show is August 7th. It's the 3rd Annual Comic Book Burlesque. Look us up on Facebook.

5)  Do You Choreograph your own routines?

Yes, I do choreograph my routines. Dancing around in a studio or even my bedroom is the greatest stress relief to me. 

6)  Where do you pull inspiration from for your shows?

Sometimes it's a collaborative effort with other performers giving me options of their acts and sometimes it's completely selfish...... I just say this is what I would love to see on stage. Lol.