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Meet Canadian Pin Up Model Envie St Sinn!

Photo Supplied by Envie St. Sinn;  photographer HelloJune Photography

Photo Supplied by Envie St. Sinn;  photographer HelloJune Photography

What is your pin up name?

Envie St. Sinn 

I originally chose this as a burlesque name, and have been modeling since 2013.

How did you get started as a pin model?

I’ve always suffered from low self-esteem.I bought a groupon for a photos session and wanted pin up photos without tattoos because my parents are very conservative.  I finally started to feel better about myself when I started pin up modeling.  

Is the Pin Up lifestyle very popular in Canada?

The pin up lifestyle is not that big here in Canada.  I’ve been told it’s “overdone” by other photographers, but I have two pin up shoots coming up; one of them is at fifties-style Route 99 Diner.  

I noticed that you model for Heels for Combat Boots.  How did you get involved with Heels for Combat Boots?

It’s a non-profit founded by pin up models to help military families transition to civilian life as well working with veterans with TBI’s and PTSD; I worked in Afghanistan when the Canadian base was still open and saw the page on Facebook as a suggested interest.  I originally applied as a model.  I began to model for them, and moved up to being a district manager.  I later stepped down to being just a model again because I didn’t have time to plan activities.

What is one thing that readers would never guess about you?

My “beauty mark” is actually an age spot covered by a Sharpie!

Where do you buy your wardrobe?

I purchase most of my pin up wardrobe at Rowena, a female owned clothing store .  I usually buy Pin Up Girl 2X because I don’t have to waste time trying it on in the store.  Plus, the light in the dressing rooms is really unflattering.; peach or pink tone lights are better! As that is what I use at home!

Do You Dress Pin Up Everyday?

I dress for myself.   I work as a florist, so I could be wearing a dress with motorcycle boots, or whatever the mood calls for.  I do wear pin up make-up everyday. 

Do you have a favorite pin up model?

No one current but I usually look at models from the 40’s and 50’s for inspiration. 

What advice do you have for others looking to get into pin up modeling?  

Go to photographer meet-and-greets.  Sometimes they are also known as “shoot outs”, where amateur or aspiring models will dress up and photograph with any number of photographers looking to add to their portfolio.  It also helps to bribe photographers with food. I once bribed a photographer with bourbon pecan pie. *

*While the bourbon pecan pie certainly sounds decadent, Betty is watching her figure, and must politely decline all requests to work for food.  

Where can readers find you on social media?

Southern_envie  Instagram.

@creoleenvie on Pinterest