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The Secret to Great Photographic Prints

I was sitting in the studio showing a client the difference between the consumer grade canvas vs. one that comes from a professional lab,when it occurred to me that although there are some really good consumer print labs out there, it's not really fair that the average consumer doesn't really know what to look for in a good print, or have access to the labs that pros use, especially when it's a sole copy of a family snapshot that has a lot of emotional meaning.

That's why I'm offering those of you on my mailing list the ability to order any prints through me. I'll take any uncopyrighted work, that you own the rights to and send it off to my pro lab to be printed at no additional cost to you.*

If you have photos on your on your phone, or your computer taking up valuable real estate on your hard drive, and not being displayed, now is the time to do something about it. 

The only charges you are responsible for are the actual cost of the photo prints and shipping, and any professional touchups that you may request. 

And, to further drive home my point, here’s a print from a consumer lab, and the same print from a pro lab (top, and close-up, bottom).