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Just Who Is Samantha Sweets Anyway?

I first had the pleasure of meeting Samantha at the Plant City Car Show in 2013 and again when I was working at Pin Up America headquarters.   She'd come in with her fellow pin-up and friend, April. 

I've come to know and love Samantha and have asked her  to share some insights about her adventures in Pin Up Modeling:

1) How did you get started as a pin up model and how long have you been at it?

I started modeling for pinup shortly after I graduated college in 2011. I have been a figure model for painting and drawing studios since 2008 and am still very passionate about it. In college, I got a BA in Theatre Arts and one of my last classes I took to graduate was stage hair and makeup. For one of my finals, a classmate suggested I try 50s/60s vogue pinup (Sophia Loren) and when I did, I immediately fell in love with the style.

2) What are favorite pin up clothing or accessories?

Hair accessories are a big one for me! My nickname is Miss Flower which I got even before I did pinup modeling because you can often find me with flowers in my hair. My favorite red lip stick is MAC Russian Red Matte. For photoshoots, stockings and garter belts are a must for me. They look amazing on camera.

3) What tips do you have for aspiring pin up models? (Modeling tips, or hair and make-up tips, etc.) Practice, Practice, Practice! With makeup, hair styles, and fashion, nobody is perfect from the start and it’s important to embrace the experience. Research historic icons and choose your role models wisely. 

4) Do you dress pin up everyday? I do not. I used to dress pinup with my hair and makeup 6 out of 7 days in a week, but I really like to embrace the skin I’m in. Little known fact is that I’m a nudist in my home life and live a free spirited lifestyle. I doll up mostly when I go out with friends, or for photo shoots.

5) Where can readers find you on social media?

On Facebook you can find me at


On YouTube you can find me on my Samantha Sweets’ channel @manthapoo07 or at Samantha DeBruhl (