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Betty's Top Ten Pin Up YouTube Vids:


10. 6 Pin up hairstyles for beginners by Vintagious:

9. Every day Vintage Pin Up Outfit ideas by Cherry Dollface

8. Plus Size Clothin Rockabilly Pin Up Review with Tess Munster by Cherry Dollface

7.Pin Up Warm Up- Do it before your photoshoot so you're lovely and limber, or before the Excercise routine posted below. by Retro Vixen Fitnes 

6. Vintage pin Up Excercise Routine by Vintagious So you can get and keep that hourglass figure! 

5. Rocky Horror Show anyone? You have to see this excellent version of the Time Warp by the Cheap Little Punks at the Anarchist's Closet in Tampa. Incidentally, this is a great shop for vintage clothing too! 

4. 10 Wardrobe Essentials to dress Rockabilly by Cherry Dollface:

3. And yet another tut from Cherry Dollface on posing. Can you tell I'm a big fan of hers? Although you don't need to be a pin up model or know how to pose for your own pin up shoot, a little preparation goes a long way. AND watch Part 2 here: 

2. If you're all about that bass, you'll be all about the Glamaphones' cover of the tune by the same name. You gotta see this pin up gals rock the bass here: You can listen to this while doing your pin up workout routine! 

1. The top YouTube video to watch is my very own tut on How to Make Pin Up facial expressions (yes, shameless little plug, but it's my blog and I'll plug if I want to!): 

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