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Lingerie Made with Ladies In Mind

If you think pretty lingerie is only for photo shoots, or catalog models, here are some lingerie examples to help change your mind.  And just in time for Valentine's Day!

The Mon Amour Corset from Hips & Curves comes in sizes 1x-6x.  Corsets are wonderful for all shapes and sizes because it helps create an hourglass shape, and can hide a tummy.  

If you're looking for a little more coverage, this stretchy Chemise provides a little lift to the bust and supports the tummy.  It can be worn with, or without garters.  Thigh highs add a layer of sex appeal.  

This look isn't just limited to the bedroom either.  Wear it under a dress for extra support!  Starts at size 38C and up.

Those ruffle panties are so cute, but don't you hate it when they don't come in your size?  It's like clothing retailers forget there are ladies out there bigger than a size 8.  (No disrespect meant to my smaller Betties out there, but there are a lot of ladies that get left behind by the manufacturers!)  

So, these ruffle panties are just the ticket, and they come in black, red, or white. 

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