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Ten Pin Up Wardrobe Essentials


I’m often asked what to bring to a session, or what to shop for, so I thought I’d help you lovely Betties identify the staples in every pin-up wardrobe.  You may find that youhave some of these items in your wardrobe already.

1)       A-line dress: This dress flatters every figure, and minimizes larger hips and derrieres.

2)      Swing Dress: This dress is similar to the A-line dress, but has a much fuller skirt, and can be worn with a petticoat underneath.

3)      Pencil Skirt: This timeless piece is not only the foundation of a sexy, but sophisticatedlook, but can also work well as office attire, especially ina neutral color like khaki, or navy.

4)      Neck Scarf:  Sometimes you just don’t have a necklace that will do.  A neck scarf is the perfect accessory to add a pop of color.

5)      Hair Flower:  The hair flower is both ubiquitous and timeless. 

6)      Seamed Stockings:  These are easy to find on ebay or Amazon.  It’s better if you can find the old-fashioned kind without the rubber tops; you can wear them with garters for a more authentic vintage look, and avoid the look of “sausage legs”. 

7)      Wiggle Dress:  This is the opposite of the Swing or A-line dress.  It’s form-fitting and conveys “Va-Va-Va-Voom” every time you wear it. 

8)      A Wide Belt- It emphasizes your waist and helps to create that hourglass figure that every pin up girl covets.

9)      Red Lipstick- It’s the symbol of glamour and femininity. 

10)   A Cropped Cardigan-  It should have long sleeves and end just above the waist.