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How to Be A Good Wife Circa 2017


There's a Good Wife guide floating around the internet supposedly from the 13 May 1955 edition of a magazine called Housekeeping Monthly. has verified that it is indeed a fabrication but I thought it would still be fun to create a rebuttal from a modern woman's point-of-view:

Have dinner ready. Plan ahead, even the night before, to have a delicious meal ready on time for his return. This is a way of letting him know that you have be thinking about him and are concerned about his needs. Most men are hungry when they get home and the prospect of a good meal is part of the warm welcome needed.

Remember to add wine to the cook and dinner is done when the smoke alarm goes off.

Prepare yourself. Take 15 minutes to rest so you'll be refreshed when he arrives. Touch up your make-up, put a ribbon in your hair and be fresh-looking. He has just been with a lot of work-weary people.

It goes both ways here.  Pop a breath mint. Wear some deodorant, or take a shower.  Good hygiene saves marriages. 

Be a little gay and a little more interesting for him. His boring day may need a lift and one of your duties is to provide it. Clear away the clutter. Make one last trip through the main part of the house just before your husband arrives. Run a dust cloth over the tables.

I only clean when I'm pissed off.  If the house is clean when you come home, you may want to consider leaving again. Also, you make me wish I had more middle fingers.

Be happy to see him. Greet him with a warm smile and show sincerity in your desire to please him. Listen to him. You may have a dozen important things to tell him, but the moment of his arrival is not the time. Let him talk first - remember, his topics of conversation are more important than yours.

He should be glad that I tell him he looks tired instead of saying that he looks like crap.  

Minimize all noise. At the time of his arrival, eliminate all noise of the washer, dryer or vacuum. Encourage the children to be quiet.

Me:  Duct tapes his mouth and the children's.  Sits back and enjoys the silence.

Make him comfortable. Have him lean back in a comfortable chair or lie him down in the bedroom. Have a cool or warm drink ready for him. Arrange his pillow and offer to take off his shoes. Speak in a low, soothing and pleasant voice.

Let's just have a cocktail instead and pretend that we get along.

A good wife always knows her place.

A good spouse always knows they can be replaced. 

Got any good rebuttals of your own?  Let me see them in comments!

Meet Candice: Pin-Up Model, Fashionista, & Philanthropist


Meet Candice Christian, a local pin up model in Tampa.  Candice is on a mission to inspire and help others. 

1) When did you first start modeling?

Modeling first began for me when I was about 5 years old! A modeling scout thought I would be a perfect addition to the Hungry Howies Pizza Calendar! So my cute little chunky face smiled next to a few pizza boxes in a calendar that hundreds of people probably purchased! After that I didn't get back into modeling until 2012!!! A photographer reached out to me wanting to take sample senior photos of me. After that one shoot I got jobs and work with many other photographers and companies just by them noticing my photos on social media!

2) How do you inspire others?

One thing I try to stress to people the most is self love! In today's cruel world so many people will back stab, lie, and make fun of anyone and anything just to make themselves feel better! It is so important to know how beautiful and precious the life you were given truly is! Everyone has a purpose and a reason for being here and it is important to cherish the moments that you have while you still have the opportunity. You were given this body and life to do great things so why not take any opportunities you get to do those things!

3) Tell me more about your upcoming fashion show.

On February 25th, I am holding a non profit fashion show at the Inkwell Centre at 5pm. The show is going to benefit the scholarship organization my family started shortly after my brother passed away a year and a half ago! The scholarship benefits deserving high school college bound seniors who are majoring or minoring in visual or performing arts! My brother was a performing artist and art fanatic, he was a student at the University of Florida pursuing a degree in education. The show is going to feature more than 10 local designers and boutique owners, 5 unique talent acts, a silent auction, a 50/50 raffle, food, drinks, and fun for the whole family! We have also had meetings with a few media resources in the area that we are really excited to be working with soon as well! Tickets range from $15-$25 presale and can be purchased at . You can also purchase tickets at the door but the prices will go up!

4) You mentioned that you were able to get two full scholarships to some very deserving students through your work. How was that made possible?

My family and I wouldn't have been able to make any of this possible without the constant help of family and friends. The first year we have back a $500 scholarship with the money family and friends had donated to help us with the cost of my brothers funeral. The next week we had a poker run with many of the local bikers and community supporters! It was such a success we were able to give out 2 $1000 scholarships! This year we hope to be able to raise another $1000 to benefit even more aspiring artists!

5) Where can others find you on social media? Instagram: @candi_m_and_ms for bookings

Have Suitcase. Will Travel.


Road Trip! Are you traveling to Tampa, St. Petersburg, or Clearwater?  Are you looking for a unique and fun experience?

A Pin Up shoot is the perfect way to memorialize your trip.  

A little advance planning goes a long way;  I usually ask that clients bring an outfit or two of their own because you'll be more confident in something you know looks good on you, but even if it's last-minute, I always keep a few retro aprons and accessories on hand.  I can show you how to suggest a vintage look with wardrobe you already have as well.  Just watch my video on YouTube: 

So pack your bags and book a shoot with Betty today!

Each shoot includes:

  • Professional hair and make-up
  • Guided posing
  • Unlimited camera time
  • A minimum of two wardrobe changes
  • Same-day session viewing & ordering
We travel not to escape life but for life not to escape us!

Katie James: Where Ballet Meets Burlesque

Katie James, producer and performer of Femmes and Follies brought a few of her favorite costumes and opened up to me about what it's like to be a burlesque star.

1)  Where are you from and how did you get started in Burlesque?

Tampa is my home. I was born in Buffalo but definitely meant to be a Florida girl! I literally stumbled into the burlesque scene. Saw a few shows, took a few classes, watched a million videos and gave it a shot. Taking classes is the best way to learn in my opinion. And producers like to see that you are committed to your craft! 

2)  How long have you been at it?

      I have been a ballerina since the day I could walk but burlesque came a little later, I fully immersed myself into the burlesque scene about 5 years ago.

3)  How long does it take to make your own costumes, and where do you normally find inspiration for them?

       Sometimes costumes take days and weeks. Other times when inspiration hits, and you just can't stop working; it can happen overnight. I find inspiration in the most random ways, maybe listening to a song, watching a fashion show, surfing Pinterest, or seeing a beautiful color in nature and wanting to replicate it. Often, inspiration will come from one tiny piece of a costume that you build an entire act around. 

4)  Where can people find you if they want to see you perform?

I travel all over to perform but I produce a show right in Ybor City called "Femmes & Follies" The next show is August 7th. It's the 3rd Annual Comic Book Burlesque. Look us up on Facebook.

5)  Do You Choreograph your own routines?

Yes, I do choreograph my routines. Dancing around in a studio or even my bedroom is the greatest stress relief to me. 

6)  Where do you pull inspiration from for your shows?

Sometimes it's a collaborative effort with other performers giving me options of their acts and sometimes it's completely selfish...... I just say this is what I would love to see on stage. Lol. 

Pass the Popcorn will you please?

I'm showing my age here, but I can remember going to the drive-in as a kid.  You brought your own snacks, blankets (I grew up in Pennsylvania! Brrr!), and could sit on the hood of the car to watch my favorite stars in giant size on the screen.  There's something about being out in the open air and watching a movie outside (bug-free of course!).   Candy Cocktail has penned an article featuring the drive-in movie theater inspired photo.  Just click any of the images to read the article.  

Meet Canadian Pin Up Model Envie St Sinn!

Photo Supplied by Envie St. Sinn;  photographer HelloJune Photography

Photo Supplied by Envie St. Sinn;  photographer HelloJune Photography

What is your pin up name?

Envie St. Sinn 

I originally chose this as a burlesque name, and have been modeling since 2013.

How did you get started as a pin model?

I’ve always suffered from low self-esteem.I bought a groupon for a photos session and wanted pin up photos without tattoos because my parents are very conservative.  I finally started to feel better about myself when I started pin up modeling.  

Is the Pin Up lifestyle very popular in Canada?

The pin up lifestyle is not that big here in Canada.  I’ve been told it’s “overdone” by other photographers, but I have two pin up shoots coming up; one of them is at fifties-style Route 99 Diner.  

I noticed that you model for Heels for Combat Boots.  How did you get involved with Heels for Combat Boots?

It’s a non-profit founded by pin up models to help military families transition to civilian life as well working with veterans with TBI’s and PTSD; I worked in Afghanistan when the Canadian base was still open and saw the page on Facebook as a suggested interest.  I originally applied as a model.  I began to model for them, and moved up to being a district manager.  I later stepped down to being just a model again because I didn’t have time to plan activities.

What is one thing that readers would never guess about you?

My “beauty mark” is actually an age spot covered by a Sharpie!

Where do you buy your wardrobe?

I purchase most of my pin up wardrobe at Rowena, a female owned clothing store .  I usually buy Pin Up Girl 2X because I don’t have to waste time trying it on in the store.  Plus, the light in the dressing rooms is really unflattering.; peach or pink tone lights are better! As that is what I use at home!

Do You Dress Pin Up Everyday?

I dress for myself.   I work as a florist, so I could be wearing a dress with motorcycle boots, or whatever the mood calls for.  I do wear pin up make-up everyday. 

Do you have a favorite pin up model?

No one current but I usually look at models from the 40’s and 50’s for inspiration. 

What advice do you have for others looking to get into pin up modeling?  

Go to photographer meet-and-greets.  Sometimes they are also known as “shoot outs”, where amateur or aspiring models will dress up and photograph with any number of photographers looking to add to their portfolio.  It also helps to bribe photographers with food. I once bribed a photographer with bourbon pecan pie. *

*While the bourbon pecan pie certainly sounds decadent, Betty is watching her figure, and must politely decline all requests to work for food.  

Where can readers find you on social media?

Southern_envie  Instagram.

@creoleenvie on Pinterest

Pin-Ups Wanted for Classic Car Shoot on Saturday January 30, 2015


Calling all pin-ups:  current and future!  Here's your chance for guaranteed publication, and bragging rights!  

We'll be shooting with this ultra-sweet 1952 Ford F1, courtesy of Rigby's Barber Shop in Westchase.  

$499 includes hair and make-up, guided posing, web-ready files, and a copy of the issue that you're featured in!

$100 retainer holds your spot.  Book online NOW, or call 813-704-0132 to secure your spot.  


Be a Published Pin Up!


Since I am an official photographer for Kustoms to Klassics magazine, when you book a pinup shoot with me you are guaranteed to be published. It may be the front page, or a full feature, but you'll be in a magazine that can reach hundreds of thousands of readers and it's perfect for your portfolio.

Your shoot includes hair and make-up, at least 5-7 edited photos, and a copy of the issue you’re in. The shots for the magazine will be given to you after publication but you can see them ahead of time. 

Call for more information or book online.  Betty is easy to work with and most importantly, can get you published!  


How to Express Your Gratitude Pin Up Style!

We only reserve one day a year to express our gratitude, but I try to do it everyday. This year, I am grateful that I live in a state where I don't have shovel snow, and can go to beach any time of year.

I am extremely grateful for that snowbird driving fifteen miles an hour under the speed limit because that snowbird saved me from a traffic ticket, as we passed the officer sitting on the side of the road.

I'm lucky to have my friends, family, health, clients, and my loyal Betties.

So, instead of doing the usual holiday cards this year, I'm going to pay it forward, and hope you'll do the same with me.

I'm going to send out cards with $5 or more in them to random addresses, and I'm sending them anonymously.

It's not necessary to make the cards or messages holiday-themed. It's enough just to write something simple, such as "Be the change you wish to see in the world." If you're seeking ideas on what to write, check out this site: 

That should inspire you to keep paying it forward, and making the world a better place.   

Let the gratitude flow!

Sip, Shop, & Socialize

It’s that time of year.  Holiday Shopping and Parties.  Well, I’m getting a jump on the holidays and hosting a little Sip and Sample party at the studio.

Treat yourself to some red or some white wine, pull up a seat, and watch make-up artist Sherry Restifo give you a little tutorial on how to feel more glam this season.  I’ll be there to up the beauty ante with some samples from the ItWorks product line, and shower a few attendees with some giveaways.

I know you can sip and shop from home, so I have a few incentives to get you out.  It’s so much more fun to sip and socialize at the same time.  Plus , there’s door prizes and giveaways including a free spa wrap, logo t-shirt, logo-tank, blingy lip gloss, and mink lashes!

Pamper yourself and get some holiday gift giving ideas at the same time because that’s how multi-tasking is done ladies. 

Ten Pin Up Wardrobe Essentials


I’m often asked what to bring to a session, or what to shop for, so I thought I’d help you lovely Betties identify the staples in every pin-up wardrobe.  You may find that youhave some of these items in your wardrobe already.

1)       A-line dress: This dress flatters every figure, and minimizes larger hips and derrieres.

2)      Swing Dress: This dress is similar to the A-line dress, but has a much fuller skirt, and can be worn with a petticoat underneath.

3)      Pencil Skirt: This timeless piece is not only the foundation of a sexy, but sophisticatedlook, but can also work well as office attire, especially ina neutral color like khaki, or navy.

4)      Neck Scarf:  Sometimes you just don’t have a necklace that will do.  A neck scarf is the perfect accessory to add a pop of color.

5)      Hair Flower:  The hair flower is both ubiquitous and timeless. 

6)      Seamed Stockings:  These are easy to find on ebay or Amazon.  It’s better if you can find the old-fashioned kind without the rubber tops; you can wear them with garters for a more authentic vintage look, and avoid the look of “sausage legs”. 

7)      Wiggle Dress:  This is the opposite of the Swing or A-line dress.  It’s form-fitting and conveys “Va-Va-Va-Voom” every time you wear it. 

8)      A Wide Belt- It emphasizes your waist and helps to create that hourglass figure that every pin up girl covets.

9)      Red Lipstick- It’s the symbol of glamour and femininity. 

10)   A Cropped Cardigan-  It should have long sleeves and end just above the waist.


I Am Guilty of It of Every Year...


I do it every year.  I say I’m going to mail out holiday cards early this year.  Then, I get busy in the studio.  Before you know it, I’m in a shopping frenzy, and I just can’t seem to find the time to sit down and address envelopes.  Plus, I’m a photographer.  Why am I sending out a generic card when I create my own custom-made cards?

So, don’t be me.  Get a jump-start this year by taking 20 minutes of your time to create a really fun and unique holiday card. 

Sessions will be held from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Saturday Oct. 24 and Saturday November 7, 2015 at my studio in Tampa.  

  • One Twenty Minutes Session
  • 50 Holiday Cards (includes one revision)
  • One Luxe Metal Holiday Ornament
  • 3 web-ready files for sharing

Add-on:  Hair and Make-up available for $65

It’s just $50 to hold your date and time, which will be applied to the balance due.  The balance is due and payable on the day of the session.  Due to the limited number of time slots available, no refunds can be given on any retainers should client need to cancel.  However, retainer can be applied to a regular session fee should you need to reschedule.

Sessions are limited to just one look, due to time constraints.

Once the session is finished, you’ll have your choice of one of three card designs to choose from, and one free revision of the proof.  Additional changes are subject to an hourly rate. 

I’ll even send you the envelopes prior to your session so you can get a head-start on addressing those envelopes!   So, what are you waiting for? 

or by calling 813-704-0132, or email me at


The Secret to Great Photographic Prints

I was sitting in the studio showing a client the difference between the consumer grade canvas vs. one that comes from a professional lab,when it occurred to me that although there are some really good consumer print labs out there, it's not really fair that the average consumer doesn't really know what to look for in a good print, or have access to the labs that pros use, especially when it's a sole copy of a family snapshot that has a lot of emotional meaning.

That's why I'm offering those of you on my mailing list the ability to order any prints through me. I'll take any uncopyrighted work, that you own the rights to and send it off to my pro lab to be printed at no additional cost to you.*

If you have photos on your on your phone, or your computer taking up valuable real estate on your hard drive, and not being displayed, now is the time to do something about it. 

The only charges you are responsible for are the actual cost of the photo prints and shipping, and any professional touchups that you may request. 

And, to further drive home my point, here’s a print from a consumer lab, and the same print from a pro lab (top, and close-up, bottom).

Burlesque Meets Betty


I first met burlesque dancer Franki Markstone at the 2010 Pin Up Burlesque Fest.  I had the privilege of watching her perform.  Her work is a credit to the female sex.  I had a chance to sit down with Franki over breakfast, and she dished the goods!

1) How long have you been a burlesque dancer, and what made you want to be a burlesque dancer?

I've been in burlesque since 2003 officially. I was already touring in strip clubs doing feature shows, and Vita Devoid asked me if I wanted to join her in creating a burlesque show. I was like, "Yeah! What's burlesque?" Hahaha. 

2) What is your favorite burlesque act?

I'd have to say my favorite act is Imogen Kelly's Orb Dress Dance. It's so elegant, and haunting, and moving. It made me cry the first time I saw it.

3) What idols that you look up to for inspiration?

Imogen Kelly, Ezi Rider, Sydni Deveraux

4) What tips do you have to give to aspiring burlesque dancers? 

Do your research. This isn't a fluff industry and nothing will be handed to you. If you really want to be a part of this industry it's best not to get sidetracked by the glamour. It's definitely work. Learn all you can, attend demos and workshops, create and polish an act to audition with. And most importantly, NEVER take yourself too seriously.

5) What is one little known fact about you?

I'm scared of the dark. Like, crazy scared. I have night lights all over my house.
6) How does one book tickets to see you? or Where you can be found on social media?

Just search Franki Markstone on Facebook , @frankimarkstone on Twitter, and TheFrankimarkstone on Instagram


Meet Miss Nashville Boogie 2015 Britty Leigh

This cutie from Tennessee is Nashville's reigning boogie queen, and she's got all the pin up goods for ya right here!  Read on...

1)  How did you get started as a pin up model and how long have you been at it?

I think it was initially the fashion that drew me in. Once I started to dress in the style from the 40s-60s I learned more and more about the pinup community and the self-love and confidence that is promoted within it. I did my first pinup style shoot with my best friend over the summer in 2013, which is when I began my Facebook page.

2)  What are favorite pin up clothing or accessories?

My favorite pin up clothing are my things from Pinup Girl Clothing, particularly the pieces from the “Magic of Mary Blair” collection. I’m a Disney nut, so it made that collection that much more exciting for me (but maybe not my wallet, ha!). I also like to throw a flower in my hair occasionally. I’ve made a few of my own, but I really like the pieces I have by NicCoCoCreations [on Etsy].

3)  What tips do you have for aspiring pin up models?  (Modeling tips, or hair and make-up tips, etc.)

HAVE FUN! But also, be yourself and don’t feel pressured to shoot things that you don’t feel comfortable doing. As with most thing, practice makes “perfect.” I have watched probably over a hundred YouTube tutorials and continue to watch them for new tips and ideas (I’m a big fan of good hairdos). Some of my favorite channels are: Lisa Freemont Street, A Vintage Vanity, Cherry Dollface, and Pinup Doll Ashley Marie.

4)  Do you dress pin up everyday?

I work at a very relaxed office, so I usually wear comfy jeans and tees during the week. When I’m out and about on the weekends, I typically have my pin up attire on.

5)  Where can readers find you on social media?

Instagram: @britty_leigh

6) What’s one little known fact about you?

I won a trip to Universal Studios when I was a kid and got slimed at Nickelodeon!

Just Who Is Samantha Sweets Anyway?

I first had the pleasure of meeting Samantha at the Plant City Car Show in 2013 and again when I was working at Pin Up America headquarters.   She'd come in with her fellow pin-up and friend, April. 

I've come to know and love Samantha and have asked her  to share some insights about her adventures in Pin Up Modeling:

1) How did you get started as a pin up model and how long have you been at it?

I started modeling for pinup shortly after I graduated college in 2011. I have been a figure model for painting and drawing studios since 2008 and am still very passionate about it. In college, I got a BA in Theatre Arts and one of my last classes I took to graduate was stage hair and makeup. For one of my finals, a classmate suggested I try 50s/60s vogue pinup (Sophia Loren) and when I did, I immediately fell in love with the style.

2) What are favorite pin up clothing or accessories?

Hair accessories are a big one for me! My nickname is Miss Flower which I got even before I did pinup modeling because you can often find me with flowers in my hair. My favorite red lip stick is MAC Russian Red Matte. For photoshoots, stockings and garter belts are a must for me. They look amazing on camera.

3) What tips do you have for aspiring pin up models? (Modeling tips, or hair and make-up tips, etc.) Practice, Practice, Practice! With makeup, hair styles, and fashion, nobody is perfect from the start and it’s important to embrace the experience. Research historic icons and choose your role models wisely. 

4) Do you dress pin up everyday? I do not. I used to dress pinup with my hair and makeup 6 out of 7 days in a week, but I really like to embrace the skin I’m in. Little known fact is that I’m a nudist in my home life and live a free spirited lifestyle. I doll up mostly when I go out with friends, or for photo shoots.

5) Where can readers find you on social media?

On Facebook you can find me at


On YouTube you can find me on my Samantha Sweets’ channel @manthapoo07 or at Samantha DeBruhl (

How to Choose the Right Vintage Hairstyle for Your Face Shape

                     Hairstyling: Retro Styles with Step-by-Step Techniques by Lauren Rennells

                     Hairstyling: Retro Styles with Step-by-Step Techniques by Lauren Rennells

When I do a client consult, I'll either ask for photos if we're doing a consultation over the phone, or we'll meet at the studio.  One of the things I look at is your face shape to determine what vintage style will look best on you.

Many vintage styles involve pulling the hair back off the face.  So, what styles typically work with your face shape?

Oval shaped faces have the luxury of wearing almost any hair style.

Victory Rolls work on every face shape.  The trick is making them more narrow or wide, and placement on the head that determines how you'll wear them.   For example, on a long face shape, the victory rolls will need to be wider and placed at the widest points of the face to create the illusion of a broader face.  The opposite is true for gals with a broad, or square-shaped face.  The same concept applies to the Pompadour and Rosie-the-riveter look with a bandana. These styles also complement every face shape.

Another popular classic is the Veronica Lake style.  Gorgeous glossy waves complement every face type, but this look is best achieved with a "wet set".  A wet set means the hair is curled/set with wet hair, using bobbi pins or foam rollers.  This creates a long-lasting curl.

The Blonde Bombshell, aka Marilyn Monroe, style complements all face shapes, and works best on shorter hair.  A wet set also works best, but a curling iron can be used.   The key to making curls last with modern tools is to clip them up immediately after curling so they cool in a coiled shape.

For heart shaped faces, Try styles that hit either right below your chin, or gracing your collarbones. Let curls hit the sides of your foreheads for the appearance of a oval shape face.  Diamonds need to leave some fullness at the neck and either side of the forehead. 

The image below from Ern and Bud Westmore show the ideal silhouette and hat style to complement your face shape.  Feel free to save the image for easy reference.      


How to Find Your Perfect Shade of Red Lipstick

"Put on some lipstick, pour yourself a drink, and pull yourself together."- Elizabeth Taylor

"Put on some lipstick, pour yourself a drink, and pull yourself together."- Elizabeth Taylor

Red Lipstick.  It’s classic and timeless.  You’ve probably tried a red lipstick before and thought you looked terrible in it.  

I assure you that you look great in red lipstick.  The trick is finding the right shade of red to complement your skin tone.

Before I became Betty the bodacious pin-up extraordinaire, I never wore bright lipstick.  I stuck with neutrals because I thought they were “safe”.   I now have about five different shades of red lipstick, and consider myself a red-lipstick addict. 

Below is a guide to help you find your favorite shade of red.

FAIR skin looks best in cool, blue-based reds.  Some examples of blue-based reds are:  MAC Russian Red (which actually looks great on most skin tones!), NYX Round Lipstick in Snow White, best for Betties on a budget at only $3.99, as well as Rimmel Lasting Finish by Kate Moss #01 $5.19.  Blue-based reds also help teeth appear whiter.

If you’re confused on how to identify a blue-based red, check out this video: 

BEIGE skin tones look best in true reds, and berry reds. A true red is in the middle of the color spectrum.   A red that brings out golden undertones also helps to brighten teeth; you don’t always need or want a blue-based red to give the appearance of whiter teeth.  Some True Reds are:  MAKE UP FOR EVER Rouge Artist Natural in N45 Red and MAC Ruby Woo  (very matte, and long-lasting). 

OLIVE and MEDIUM skin tones look great in orange-based, or brick reds.   These shades of red would wash out lighter skin tones.  Examples of an orange-based red are MAC’s Lady Danger,  Viva Glam I, or Nars Heat Wave.

CARAMEL, or café-au-lait skin tones can rock many different shades of red.  Matte shades are more of an everyday look with glossy, and semi-gloss shades looking more glamorous.

DARK skin tones look best in wine, burgundy, and deep cranberry shades.  Avoid brick reds as they tend to be too brown on dark skin.   If you have dark skin, you can also try a darker shade of true red, which will pop against your skin.  Some examples of wine and berry reds are:  Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Pourpre, Chanel Rouge Allure Luminous Satin in Excessive, and NYX Copenhagen. 

So, what are my favorite reds?  I’m so glad you asked!  Make-up Forever Moulin Rouge, Chanel #75 Dragon,  Tom Ford Ruby Rush (a creamy matte), Mary Kay Red crème lipstick (slightly shimmery) paired with Mary Kay Nourishine lip gloss in Red Passion.   I also have a tube of  Aura Science’s lipstick in Burnt Red.  Sadly, this line has been discontinued so I use it sparingly. 

Tell me, in the comments below, which is your favorite shade of red?

Betty's Top Ten Pin Up YouTube Vids:


10. 6 Pin up hairstyles for beginners by Vintagious:

9. Every day Vintage Pin Up Outfit ideas by Cherry Dollface

8. Plus Size Clothin Rockabilly Pin Up Review with Tess Munster by Cherry Dollface

7.Pin Up Warm Up- Do it before your photoshoot so you're lovely and limber, or before the Excercise routine posted below. by Retro Vixen Fitnes 

6. Vintage pin Up Excercise Routine by Vintagious So you can get and keep that hourglass figure! 

5. Rocky Horror Show anyone? You have to see this excellent version of the Time Warp by the Cheap Little Punks at the Anarchist's Closet in Tampa. Incidentally, this is a great shop for vintage clothing too! 

4. 10 Wardrobe Essentials to dress Rockabilly by Cherry Dollface:

3. And yet another tut from Cherry Dollface on posing. Can you tell I'm a big fan of hers? Although you don't need to be a pin up model or know how to pose for your own pin up shoot, a little preparation goes a long way. AND watch Part 2 here: 

2. If you're all about that bass, you'll be all about the Glamaphones' cover of the tune by the same name. You gotta see this pin up gals rock the bass here: You can listen to this while doing your pin up workout routine! 

1. The top YouTube video to watch is my very own tut on How to Make Pin Up facial expressions (yes, shameless little plug, but it's my blog and I'll plug if I want to!): 

While you're there, please subscribe to my channel:

Vinyl Rose Anyone?

Eddie's Fowler's Vinyl Rose (@vinyl_rose on IG)

Eddie's Fowler's Vinyl Rose (@vinyl_rose on IG)

My friend Eddie makes spectacular artwork from old vinyl records.  He made me two fantastic pieces: one for my wall and one for my hair.  

Eddie got started with his awesome artwork after a car accident when he was 32 years old.  The accident destroyed his shoulder and chest.  He says not really an office type guy, and started taking art more seriously.  

Eddie hands signs all of his pieces, as you can see from the photo above.  The photo below shows the wall 7" wall piece he made for me below, along with a photo he did of another art piece.  

If you're interested in getting your hands on some wearable art for your hair, Eddie charges $30 his hair flowers, and $60 for the 7" wall flowers.  You can find him on Instagram at vinyl_rose, or email him at; this is also his Paypal address.